Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes

Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes

Welcome to the series of La Sonanta’s ‘Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes’

created in close collaboration with the world’s best gypsy flamenco guitar maestros, who are the true treasure keepers of flamenco music.

In these series, renowned flamenco guitar maestros reveal the secrets behind their flamenco guitar playing. Starting from the basics of flamenco guitar technique, they use step-by-step exercises based on their own CD compositions. Following these clear lessons will enable you to reach the final level of the Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes, which will allow you to play along with the Maestros’ stage performance of the same compositions.

Leanr playing flamenco guitar from maestro

Our ‘Flamenco Guitar Maestro Classes’ DVDs include a number of aids that help you to enjoy learning, such as:

  • Multi-camera views showing simultaneously both the left and right hand guitar performances of Flamenco guitar DVD and book classesall compositions at a slow pace.
  • Authentic flamenco guitar transcriptions, approved by the maestro, in both standard music notation and tablature
  • On screen rhythmical flamenco compas guide to the original CD tracks
  • Translated in English and Spanish
  • Basic technics - Técnica Básica
  • Intermediate flamenco guitar exercises - Ejercicios al nivel intermedio
  • Advanced flamenco guitar classes - Clases avanzadas de guitarra flamenca (complete compositions - composiciones completas)

At La Sonanta we know that the seFamilia Fernandez flamencacret of Flamenco is more than simply technique. That is why our DVDs provide you with an in-depth understanding of and background to flamenco life and guitar culture through revealing interviews with the maestro, his friends and family:

  • Intensive documentaries and interviews
  • Extras